WRA Construction Inc.

WRA Construction is a Southern California based general contractor that provides grading, underground utilites (water, sewer, stormdrain, and air-vacuum excavation services for all construction projects.  With over 45 years of field experience, WRA brings extensive knowledge of grading, water, sewer, storm drain, and underground utility installations.  WRA's equipment is state of the art and our personnel are trained, experienced, and professional union employees dedicated to ensuring your project stays safe and on track.


WRA's advantage in regard to vacuum truck excavations over hydro excavation services, is that we excavate using air versus water.  In most soils, air digs much faster than water.  Spoils stay dry for backfill uses, or easy disposal onsite.  Mud disposal problems are eliminated!  Air is much safer for utilities and operators which means a safer jobsite.  If mud disposal is not an issue for your project, we also provide hydro excavation services.


At WRA, our goal for every project is to provide high quality, solution-based excavation services while staying on schedule, and never sacrificing safety.


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Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure.  GSS believes that greater transparency in all aspects of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators and excavators is essential to drive continuous improvement, and vital to increasingly safe working conditions and communities.